Mr. President, I know what you did last summer !

May 31, 2017 - 12.06 AM is the time, a sensational new word got added to the English dictionary. Aftermath, millions in the world tried to decode and decrypt that message in vain. some came close but they missed the final nail. Yes, I am talking about COVFEFE which took the world by surprise. There were many inferences made and Russians even though it's the secret launch code for the nuclear missiles which the commander gave away in his sleep.!

Mr. President, I know what you did last summer just by my sheer common sense, no fancy tools or artificial intelligence or gadgets. Being the president of the most powerful country in the world is not an easy task. And to me, the best quality one should have is not about your proficiency in how to tweet or debate in presidential elections or engaging other powerful leaders or building a wall. Its all about how to say NO to the rest of the world in a way they don't feel like they are getting a negative answer. You guys still don't get what I am trying to explain right?

Mr. President is a genius when comes to dealing with situations, be it China or migrants or global terrorism. We all know that and I don't need to advertise those here. So what the hell I am writing on TSHIRTBUY blog? It's about the invention of a new word which has an enormous opportunity in a wide variety of scenarios. I am listing down some, where this can be used perfectly.

  • Voice vote - Yeh or COVFEFE
  • Say COVFEFE to Drugs
  • COVFEFE Mercy

I guess the smoke is getting cleared away gradually and you guys are getting the idea what I am trying to convey.

It took me more than a year to figure this out but, Mr. President, I know what you did last summer!  Now its time to let the billions of humans to acknowledge and celebrate this idea by wearing it on their chest. To really experience what I wanted to tell you, go to COVFEFE and appreciate my thought process, and who knows you will even end up wearing it on your chest.


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